3 Proven Compounds That Boost Athletic Performance and Muscle Gains

The market is swarming with fitness supplements that claim to be everything you need to turn yourself into a beast. But the reality is that many of the fancy supplement ingredients people buy have little to no evidence to support their efficacy.

Although the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence—there may be benefits to these compounds that haven’t been shown yet—it’s much better to count on proven ingredients as your primary supplement and use experimental (but safe) ingredients as a secondary measure. Covering a range of different aspects of Athletic ability, here are 3 proven compounds that boost your athletic performance and muscle gain.


Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive drug in the world. Some of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, such as coffee, different types of tea, and even soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, contain caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant central nervous system—when consumed, it enters the bloodstream and gives a range of cognitive and physical performance-enhancing benefits.

Caffeine is also widely used as a pre-workout supplement. It improves reaction time, wakefulness, concentration, motor coordination and reduces fatigue and drowsiness through various different mechanisms of action. Caffeine has also been shown to enhance aerobic as well and anaerobic respiration, which improves endurance. Caffeine also delays the onset of muscle fatigue, improving performance in high-intensity training.

Caffeine is a must-have supplement to take before exercise. 


While caffeine works mainly as a stimulant, citrulline is an amino acid that actively improves the physical ability of your body. Citrulline improves your blood flow and reduces blood pressure. This allows your circulatory system to supply more oxygen to your muscles. Since your muscles your oxygen to “burn” glucose and make ATP, this allows your muscles to spend more energy. 

The abundance of oxygen also keeps your muscles from having to resort to anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration can make ATP (and hence, energy) without using oxygen, but the process also makes lactic acid. Accumulation of lactic acid is the reason you get neuromuscular fatigue high-intensity exercise and can only sustain it for a short period. This leads us to β-Alanine.


β-Alanine or (Beta-Alanine) is the best defense you have against lactic acid accumulation. β-Alanine has been shown to improve physical and cognitive performance, especially in short, high-intensity exercises. Once inside your cells, β-Alanine is converted into carnosine, which keeps lactic acid levels low even during anaerobic respiration. This delays the onset of neuromuscular fatigue and allows you to work out for longer. 

If you don’t care for high-intensity exercise or muscle gains, you can skip β-Alanine; it’d be tedious enough to take two different supplements before every workout as is. You could check out fitness and lifestyle Social Media Influencer Nathan Goestenkors(@nathangoestenkors) on tik tok and Instagram with his product Flare Pre-Workout (www.FlarePre.com.)

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