3 Problems With Sunglasses and How American Bonfire Fixed Them

Sunglasses are incredibly versatile. Most pairs of sunglasses go well with most wearables, and adding one to your outfit can instantly improve your look. Besides this, sunglasses protect your eyes against sunlight and dust, protecting your eyes from the elements.

However, there are some problems that most sunglasses have, especially for people that like extreme outdoor activities. Unfortunately, these are also the people that sunglasses have the most use for. Here, I discuss 3 of the most prominent of such problems and what American Bonfire has done to tackle them.

Sunglasses Fall Off

This was the primary motivation I had for starting this company: sunglasses don’t hold on tightly. Whether I was horseback riding on the family ranch or playing tennis, any sunglasses I’d be wearing would keep falling. I tried my best to find a pair of sunglasses that I could wear during my adventures and other outdoor activity, but I was left empty-handed every time. I finally decided to do it myself and started American Bonfire.

American Bonfire makes edgy sunglasses that are designed to stay on no matter how wild things get. Our shades have carefully calibrated weight distribution that makes the frame stable, while friction allows the frame to hold on tightly. Whether you’re horseback riding or dancing, you can count on American Bonfire glassless not to fall off.

Riding Glasses are Dull

Riding glasses don’t usually have much going on. They do protect your eyes from sunlight and dust, but they’re quite simple in design and color. Even those that are not entirely black aren’t exactly aesthetic since their design hasn’t improved much in a while.

American Bonfire has fashionably as an utmost priority. Riding glasses offered by American Bonfire have a completely original design that allows you to look chic while protecting your eyes at the same time.

Sunglasses don’t offer Adequate UV Protection

Many sunglasses advertised as having UV protection do the job for most people, but if you stay outside for more than an hour every day, you need something more. Extended exposure to UV rays can cause Macular Degeneration, which is the primary cause of vision loss in aging adults. It can also cause other conditions such as surfer’s eye, cataracts, and even skin cancer around the eyes.

American Bonfire shades offer sunglasses rated UV 400, which blocks nearly 100 percent of UVA and UVB from reaching your eyes. 

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