Some of the most well-known musicians in the world worked conventional jobs while attempting to get into the music industry. Artists have recently employed innovative strategies other than record labels to spread their music thanks to the digital era, especially with the emergence of social media.

There are some musicians who were able to pursue their dreams in unusual ways, whether it was playing an instrument outside a train station, getting discovered while pumping gas, or simply receiving admiration from fans on social media. These people decide to live their passions, yet they fail to achieve success. Taking a chance to pursue their ambitions has paid off for a select few brilliant people, and for the stars on our list, it has paid off significantly. More than just achieving their life’s biggest passion, these stars also managed to rise above their humble beginnings. Take a look at how these musicians have gained fame over the years, and they are truly inspirational!

The Weeknd

The Weeknd, who was born Abel Tesfaye, is a singer-songwriter and record producer from Canada. His music explores escapism, romance, and melancholy and is frequently influenced by personal experiences. He is known for his sonic variety and gloomy poetry.

He suddenly rose from relative obscurity to become a famous pop phenomenon. Fans were intrigued by the mystery surrounding this up-and-coming, eclectic musician when he first began posting songs on YouTube under the name “XOXXXOOOXO.” The Weeknd published the free mixtape “House of Balloons” after only posting a few songs to YouTube.


Brandon Graham, known by his stage name Sky, is a popular songwriter and a recording artist. He worked extremely hard to be where he is today after growing up in a small town and starting from nothing. He is a devout follower of Christ, and his songs also point others to Christ. Sky has done many projects in the past five years, including his most recent album ‘Street Gospel’ and ‘My life as a Believer in Gospel Rap.’ His album ‘No turning back’ will be released soon, which is anticipated to be a huge hit.

American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman debuted as a performer in Harvard Square. She impressed Chapman’s undergraduate friend Brian Koppelman so much that he brought her to his father, who managed a small music publishing business. Chapman’s signing to Elektra Records didn’t take long, and she soon released Fast Car, Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution, Baby Can I Hold You, Crossroads, and Give Me One Reason. All of these songs gained her massive recognition.

These are just a few of the musicians who have worked hard to obtain what they have today. They began from scratch and have come a long way to reach where they are now. These people have worked exceptionally hard to get all the popularity and fortune they have today. Onemay learn more about them by listening to their songs and tracks, and may even find themselves loving and appreciating their taste.

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