3 Amazing Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs play an essential role in the economy. Operating at the very center of innovation, entrepreneurs create new business, release products to better meet the market needs, and create new, high-paying jobs. 

But entrepreneurship is not for everyone. True, a large portion of the most commercially successful people in the world is made of entrepreneurs—but by definition, only a handful of extraordinary individuals can lead innovations. To show what it’s like for people at the forefront of all the exciting advancements in the economy, here are 3 amazing habits of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Constantly Looking for New Opportunities

Entrepreneurs don’t just take a lifelong vacation to New Zealand after establishing a successful business (even though that’s what most of us would do); they’re habitual innovators. Entrepreneurs usually keep looking for ideas for new products and services, either to start new companies or expand their current ones. 

Instagram personality and lifestyle guru Nathan Goestenkors is a prime case of this. During a considerably short period, he has launched a successful pre-workout brand called Flare, a youtube channel with 500,000 views called Woke Panda, and a project management company called Fawst Projects. He partners with other brands via Fawst projects and uses his entrepreneurial skills to help establish those brands: www.fawst.com

Entrepreneurs Don’t Do That Much Work

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s not the number of your decisions that matters; it’s the quality. If you make about five good decisions a day, you’re up for greatness. Unlike businessmen who value quantity—who sleep four hours a day and make their money by working hard all day and investing their earnings in other businesses—entrepreneurs earn from their original ideas, from quality thinking. 

Warren Buffet says:

“You do not need to make many brilliant decisions; it’s enough not to make bad ones.”

Correspondingly, entrepreneurs take exceptional care of their mental health and wellbeing. They try to conserve their energy for ideas instead of working hard all day.

Entrepreneurs Sleep a Lot

Sleep is absolutely essential for decision-making. MRI imaging shows that people who sleep less and when people are sleep deprived, their capacity for working memory is significantly low. Working memory is responsible for all the cognitively requiring, high-IQ, and creative tasks—and entrepreneurship ticks all three of these. 

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who is considered to be one of the smartest and most successful people in modern history, said in an interview, “I try to get eight hours of sleep every day.” 

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