24-Year Old Professional French Dancer Impacts 10 Million Readers With Her Published Article

Stretching a hand of hope to young artists who are finding it hard to continue

Mathilde Guerrero, a 24-year-old professional French dancer, takes a leap in her dance career by publishing her first article in the Dépêche du Midi in France. Published in 2019, the article centers on redefining dance as an art and motivating young talents to aim higher, build their brands confidently, and become more than they think they are. Guerrero wrote and published her article while concluding her studies as a scholarship recipient at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater School. Due to her age, she could only partner with a few big brands, including Vogue Magazine, Sony, ABC News, among others. So far, the article has reached 10 million readers, inspiring them to go beyond the bars by breaking their limits. 

As her story continues to reach more readers, she keeps spreading hope to people around the world, especially young talents and professionals. Interestingly, following the publication of the article, she received a lot of warm messages from parents, children, teenagers, and pre-professionals who couldn’t help but express how impactful her story was to them. Driven by an undying passion for reaching the peak of her career, Guerrero has continued to work on many projects with renowned brands in the industry. The brands include BMW, US Open, Formula-E, IBM, World Pride, Isak Danielson, Sony Alpha, W Hotels, Facebook, etc. 

The young professional dancer/choreographer was the lead dancer at the US Open Commercial 2021. She was the lead dancer among other renowned choreographers such as Ebony Williams, choreographed of In the Heights, Alicia Keys choreographer, Beyonce co-choreographer and dancer, Doja Cat’s choreographer, Gabriel Emphasis, and the leading street dance talent agency in NY. At 24, she has refused to see her age as a barrier to reaching her ultimate goal. She keeps investing in her passion, taking on projects that are sometimes daunting. She challenges herself to always do more and consciously resists the urge to rest on her laurels. Guerrero sees every stage as an opportunity to let the world feel her impact. As she vigorously chases after her dreams, she encourages other artists to do the same by believing in themselves first. 

“Originally from a small town from the South of France, I have never stopped believing in my dream of “making it” in the dance world, and more specifically in the Big Apple. At only 24, I am already very proud of everything I have accomplished, and only my hard work and confidence can take credit for it. The dance world is such a cruel and competitive world, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of constantly comparing yourself to others, to feel like your career isn’t where it should be, that you’re just not enough. Once you start realizing that no one has it easy, that no one has the answer to the road to success, that not everyone has the same definition of success, and that everybody’s path will be different, you can really start to focus on your own path and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing,” said Mathilde Gurrero.

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