2022 ZTelec Group’s Mid-Year Performance Sprint Conference

On the morning of June 15, 2022, our company held a mid-year performance sprint meeting. The conference includes the reading of the entrance goal, the display of the team’s style after the entrance, the display of the goals and tasks, the investment team, the team pk, the personal pk, the dream challenge, and other links.

Entry goal reading. Before entering the venue, each team must drum and read out their own goals and visions, showing their responsibilities and visions.

Team presentation after admission. After the goal was announced, everyone gathered to enter the venue and entered the team-style display. Each team states its responsibilities, tasks, and goals in the event, then leads the team flag and is issued a military order by the general manager

Team pk. Each team can freely choose the competition target. By comparing the total performance and target completion rate, the winning party can propose the gift it wants.

Personal pk. Personal pk is a personal competition. By selecting competition criteria of different dimensions, such as total performance, target completion rate, new customer order amount, etc., the winning party can propose the gifts he wants

Dream challenge. The dream challenge is a challenge application sent by a company employee or team to the general manager. By putting forward a goal and completing it, the general manager can realize a wish for the employee or team, such as a week of paid vacation, bonus, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Through this conference, healthy competition is carried out, which fully stimulates the enthusiasm and struggle of employees, and brings infinite possibilities for the better development of ZTelec Group.

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