Never Give Up Day Sweeps Across the US and Canada:
Milwaukee, WI – A momentous wave of resilience and determination is sweeping across North America as 100 cities join in unison to proclaim August 18th as Never Give Up Day. This powerful proclamation marks a united celebration of the human spirit’s indomitable nature, inspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds to face challenges head-on and embrace hope for a brighter future.
Never Give Up Day has transcended boundaries, resonating deeply with communities throughout North America. With 100 cities standing shoulder to shoulder, this year’s commemoration takes on unprecedented significance, symbolizing the collective strength and unwavering resolve of the region’s inhabitants.
“August 18th will forever be etched in history as a day when 100 cities across North America came together to celebrate the power of perseverance,” says Alain Horowitz, spokesperson for the coordinating committee. “This widespread proclamation is a testament to the shared belief that with resilience and determination, we can overcome any obstacle and emerge stronger than ever before.”
As the day approaches, the participating cities are preparing a diverse array of events and activities that reflect the theme of Never Give Up Day. From motivational seminars to community gatherings, these celebrations will serve as beacons of hope, inspiring individuals to find their inner strength and face life’s trials with courage.
The resonance of Never Give Up Day goes far beyond physical gatherings. The digital landscape is abuzz with messages of encouragement and support, with the hashtag #NeverGiveUpDay trending across social media platforms. Millions of individuals are sharing their stories of triumph over adversity, further fostering a sense of unity and empowerment.
Beyond the celebrations, the impact of Never Give Up Day is reflected in the altruistic endeavors taking place across North America. Charitable initiatives, volunteer drives, and community support efforts are flourishing, as people channel their collective energy into making a positive difference in the lives of others.
The proclamation of Never Give Up Day by 100 cities across North America sends a powerful message: no challenge is insurmountable when communities unite and draw strength from one another. On August 18th, millions of individuals will stand together, embodying the spirit of perseverance that has defined the region for generations.

Join the movement and be a part of this historic celebration of Never Give Up Day on August 18th. Together, let us ignite a fire of resilience that burns brightly across North America, inspiring individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace hope for a brighter future.

100 Cities proclaimed August 18th as Never Give Up Day
USA: Sunnyvale (CA), Wenatchee (WA), Bossier City (LA), Lakeland (FL), Thornton (CO), Cibolo (TX), Deland (FL), Greenville (NC), Milwaukee (WI), Linden (NJ), Fate (TX), Tempe (AZ), Springfield (OR), San Marcos (TX), Brownsville (TX), Loveland (CO), Oakley (CA), Boulder (CO), Rocklin (CA), Kauai (HI), Wichita Falls (TX), Grand Rapids (MI), Vancouver (WA), Friendswood (TX), Surprise (AZ), Niagara Falls (NY), Perris (CA), Fayetteville (AR), Irving (TX), Warren (MI), Sugarland (TX), Corpus Christi (TX), Baltimore (MD), Memphis (TN), Las Cruces (NM), Berkeley Township (NJ), Kinston (NC), North Miami (FL), Toledo (OH), Manteca (CA), Hutto (TX), Glendora (CA), Laramie (WY), Austin (TX), Killeen (TX), Independence (MO), Montgomery (AL), Attleboro (MA), Mission Viejo (CA), Shawnee (KS), Milpitas (CA), Waco (TX), Sachse (TX), Shawnee (OK), Reno (NV), Dayton (OH), Naugatuck (CT), Lancaster (TX), Florissant (MO), North Las Vegas (NV), Daytona Beach (FL), Edinburg (TX), Titusville (FL), Kansas City (MO), Louisville (KY), Durham (NC), Port St. Lucie (FL), San Jose (CA), North Port (FL), Manassas (VA), Union City (NJ), Attleboro (MA), Murrieta (CA), Deltona (FL), Riverside (CA), Westminster (CA), San Bernardino (CA), Santa Fe (NM), Waxahachie (TX), Summerville (SC), Altoona (PA), Columbia (SC), Corona, (CA), Rialto (CA), Columbus (GA), Asheville (NC), Gainesville (FL), Houston (TX), Bridgeport (CT), Greensboro (NC), Palm Bay (FL), Hofmann Estates (IL), Virginia Beach (VA), East Hartford (CT), DeSoto (TX)
Canada: Halifax (NS), Victoria (BC), Burlington (ON), Brampton (ON), Regina (SK), Niagara Falls (ON), Red Deer (AB), Saanich (BC), Newmarket (ON), Surrey (BC)
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